First Post Shenanigans–Thinking Out Loud


So this is my first official blog post on Alexis Luna Nutrition–woo hoo! Now what? So I have been wanting to create this small company since…a long time ago! If you would like to hear the story behind my business, please read my About Me page where I talk about why I entered into the nutrition profession in the first place [insert About Me page link]. Today I have spent most of the day on the computer working on a makeshift logo. The logo is still very much in its infancy but I wanted to have something in the meantime. The young man who told me he would create my logo flaked out as I haven’t heard from him in over a month until today after I contacted him. I feel accomplished that I have come this far! Creating a business name took FOREVER as I wouldn’t work on the next step until I had the perfect name (or so I thought it had to be perfect). My poor boyfriend, lol, he had to hear me yap around different punny food company names like ‘Nourishing Carrot’ and ‘BlueberryLec’…After I finally decided enough was enough, I decided to stick with something straightforward and professional–my name! After the hardest part, I had to move onto the legal stuff. Asking myself questions like, “what type of business should I be ?” Sole proprietor or an LLC? So many questions…and now I’m at the point where I need to figure out the pricing and whatnot. So many steps to take…I share with you my thoughts because it’s a lot to think about and I’m so excited for this adventure! I hope you continue following me in my pursuit to help others with their eating habits.


To be continued…



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